We need your help!

Please write a letter of support by August 25th.  We have a sample letter here, but you are welcome to write your own!  See our letter writing tips below.

Clark Conservation District is 100% funded through local, state and federal grants. Historically, the Clark CD has mostly relied on competitive state grants to fund operations and activities, but this funding source has dropped from $25 million to $2.7 million statewide in the last few years, and now, without a capital budget, even the small amount is unavailable.  Other changes in the criteria for using grant funds make most county residents ineligible to receive services from the funding. Due to state and federal budget cuts, funding constraints, and major changes in grant eligibility, we will be unable to continue to provide services to our community.

However, conservation districts have a stable funding source under state law. RCW 89.08 allows for CDs to charge up to a maximum of $5 per parcel per year for 10 years. Clark Conservation District is asking the Board of Clark County Councilors to approve funding through this parcel rate.

Clark CD's mission is to work with local landowners and residents to help them better conserve and protect the county’s natural resources.  Clark CD provides technical assistance, conservation planning, and classes on many issues and problems including erosion control, agricultural practices, stormwater and flooding, soil health, and habitat conservation.  Clark CD is one of the few quasi-public agencies allowed to expend public money on private property to help property owners implement better management practices.

Clark CD proposes to charge $5 per parcel  Currently, 13 other Conservation Districts have a similar system of charges in place. (Visit a couple of their websites to see their work- www.kingcd.org; www.piercecountycd.org; www.snohomishcd.org; www.sccd.org).  With approximately 160,499 chargeable parcels in Clark County, this rates and charges system will generate about $800,000 per year for Clark CD and community services. You can find more information about the District’s rate proposal here:  http://www.clarkcd.org/rates-and-charges/

We are asking friends, partners, and property owners to support Clark CD by writing a letter or email of support to the Board of Clark County Councilors. It can be emailed or mailed to the Board of County Councilors directly or to the District office and we will see that it gets to the Councilors. It is very important that they hear from the public on this issue.

We would like the letters sent by August 25th, since the Councilors will need to hear from the community before they have a meeting about our proposal. They have not set a meeting date yet, but the Councilors will have to meet and approve the proposal by the end of the year or it will not move forward.

I attached a very simple letter of support that you can build on or send as is and added some tips for writing a letter of support:

  • Keep it short, simple and direct
  • A personal/unique letter is most impactful
  • Explain how you work with the Clark Conservation District
  • What do you appreciate most about the programs and services of Clark Conservation District?
  • Why are our programs valuable to you and your organization?
  • Stress that Clark CD works very effectively and stretches every dollar to make an impact
  • Request that the Council approve the District’s rate proposal as presented so that the District has the resources to continue making an impact on-the-ground
  • Your address is important so the Council knows you are a constituent

Thank you for your partnership and support! Thank you for supporting the efforts of Clark Conservation District to receive its per parcel rate authority that funds the District’s core programs to accomplish important conservation on-the-ground.

The District address:
Clark Conservation District
813 W. Main St., Ste. 106
Battle Ground, WA 98604

Our email address: staff@clarkcd.org

Here is the mailing address of the Councilors:
Board of Clark County Councilors
PO Box 5000
Vancouver,  WA 98666-5000

Councilor’s email address: boardcom@clark.wa.gov

Here is the website address for writing directly to the Councilors - https://www.clark.wa.gov/councilors/write-councilor

Thank you! And thank you to those who have already sent in their letters! We appreciate your time and support!

Letter of Support