The spreader is now closed for rental.  We typically open it sometime in March, weather depending.  It can be as late as May.

NOTE: We now charge $20 per rental period for the spreader plus a refundable $50 deposit.

Clark Conservation District has a manure spreader available to loan to Clark County residents. The spreader comes on a trailer with an electric winch.  It is able to hold 56 cubic ft of manure and is suitable for use behind an 18 HP or larger garden tractor or any vehicle weighing 1200 pounds or more.

The spreader is available for checkout in the spring and fall months, when the grass is able to utilize the nutrients from the manure that is spread. Borrowers must have a valid driver’s license and agree to our equipment borrowing policies to be eligible to use the spreader. The spreader is on a trailer for hauling and requires a 2” ball hitch and a 4-prong flat light connector. The borrower must also be able to safely and legally transport the spreader on the trailer to their site for use.

Contact us for more information on borrowing the manure spreader.

Equipment is available for pickup by appointment Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  All equipment must be reserved and an appointment time set for both pickup and drop-off.  A rental period is Monday-Wednesday, Wednesday-Friday, or Friday-Monday.   PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU ARE OVER 15 MINUTES LATE FOR YOUR PICKUP OR DROP OFF APPOINTMENT, WE WILL CHARGE YOU AN ADDITIONAL $50.  We take cash or check only.  If paying by check, please bring two seperate checks, one for rental, one for the deposit.