What Is A Conservation District?

Washington State’s 45 conservation districts make up a grass roots conservation delivery system that identifies local problems and offers voluntarily solutions to cooperators. Cooperators are farm operators and landowners who sign up for a conservation district’s services. Conservation districts provide an important connection between cooperators and government agencies in order to promote and implement technical and financial assistance programs to conserve natural resources.

What Do We Do?

• Implement farm conservation practices to keep soil in the fields and out of waterways.
• Conserve and restore wetlands, which purify water and provide habitat for birds, fish and numerous other animals.
• Protect groundwater resources.
• Plant trees and other land cover to hold soil in place, clean the air, provide cover for wildlife and beautify neighborhoods.
• Help developers and homeowners manage the land in an environmentally sensitive manner.
• Reach out to communities and schools to teach the value of natural resources and encourage conservation efforts.


View across the street from our building.

What Can We Do For You?

We can offer technical and financial assistance for:

  • Wildlife Habitat Improvement
  • Fish Barrier Removal
  • Water Quality
  • Educational Programs
  • Agricultural Production
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Erosion Control
  • Forest Management
  • Riparian Area Protection
  • Conservation Planning
  • Wetland Restoration