What Kind of Poo Is Right for You?

How do I choose (fresh, aged, contents)?

If you need mulch for landscaping, a manure pile with mostly bedding is a good choice. For improving garden soil, a material with little or no bedding is usually better.


Horse vs Cow manure? 

Horses are less efficient at digestion than cows are. Consequently, horse manure may contain viable weed seeds in it, while cow manure will not. It is important to hot compost horse manure before spreading it.

How much do I need?

Calculate volume needed (depth x area) then convert to cubic yards (27 cubic feet in one cubic yard). Plan for the number of truck loads required for target volume.

What is the difference between “Fresh” and Aged”?

Aged material may be closer to ‘finished compost’ than newer material though it may take a little green material to get your compost pile cooking. Fresh material may begin to compost more quickly but it may have an “aroma” until it cooks a bit.


Is it safe for my garden?

Fresh manure in the garden carries a small risk that pathogens which cause disease may contaminate garden vegetables. To prevent illness use only composted/aged manure on food gardens. Do not use cat, dog, or pig manure in gardens or compost piles.

Manure Spreader

Rent One Of Our Two Manure Spreaders For Free!

Clark Conservation District has two manure spreaders available to loan to Clark County residents (44 and 56 cubic feet). The spreaders come on their own trailer with an electric winch. The smaller spreader (44 cubic feet) is suitable for use behind a 14 HP or larger garden tractor or any vehi­cle weighing 1000 pounds or more (such as a truck).  The larger spreader (56 cubic feet) is suitable for use behind an 18 HP or larger garden tractor or any vehicle weighing 1200 pounds or more. 

Compass rose spreader 4.JPG

The spreaders are avail­able for checkout in the spring and fall months, when the grass is able to utilize the nutrients from the manure that is spread. Borrowers must have a valid driver’s license and agree to our equipment borrowing policies to be eligible to use the spreaders. Each spreader is on a trailer for haul­ing and requires a 2” ball hitch. The borrower must also be able to safely and legally trans­port the spreader on the trailer to their site for use.  Click here for links to our Equipment Borrowing Policy and our Equipment Borrowing Agreement

Manure Exchange List


Clark Conservation District created a Manure Exchange List that we give out to interested parties. If you are in need of manure for your gar­den or if you have animals and have excess manure, let us know! If you are looking for manure, ask us and we’ll send you the list. If you have excess manure, we’ll ask you a few questions and add you to the list. If anyone is looking for what you have, they will contact you.